Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary Five Star Tack!

I always enjoy going back and looking at photos from when Five Star Tack first started designing bridles. We've come a long way since then! Three years ago this weekend Five Star Tack went "live" and I've learned a lot about running a business since then. I know in another three years I will look back and see how much more I've learned!

They say most new businesses fail within the first year and I am thankful to the unwavering support of my family as well as all of our customers in helping Five Star Tack get this far. We've grown by leaps and bounds from three years ago and one of the most important things I've learned is to stick with my niche and maintain my ideals. While Five Star Tack will never be the Smartpak of bridles or be carried in every tack store like some other brands I think what we do we do very well. While it would be great to have the ad spend that some of these companies have along with the economies of scale, the reality is my hard earned dollars go towards product development and donating to the charities I love.

So to usher in the new product season we have several new products as well as updates of current styles and as many of you know, when the new styles come in the "old" ones are retired and put on sale! Here are the highlights of our 2012 product line:

The new Chessington figure eight bridle and Wyndham patent leather dressage bridle. As seen on Facebook, these two bridles have been widely talked about and I can't wait for them to come in.

Our popular Star flash noseband bridle will now come with a padded comfort crown, similar to the crown style of the Chelsea bridle.

The Ainsley flash noseband bridle will now come with a removable flash noseband instead of the fixed loop it's had in order to give it added versatility. It will also have a slightly wider noseband and brow band.

The Ascot figure eight bridle that is sold in tack stores will now come with round raised and padded figure eight straps and matching rubber reins.

The Chester bridle has undergone another update and will now be round raised and fancy stitched with a wider brow band and noseband with a flash noseband. It will also have an integrated crown piece in place of the plain crown piece it had previously. There are a few full size of the now "old style" left that will be posted on Facebook this weekend.

Our very popular Waverly dressage bridle will now come with your choice of brow band; either with the celtic cross that we've been using or a very pretty raised browband with an inset of swarovski crystals.

The Signature breastplate will now have a padded wither strap, thanks to your suggestions.

Now for the good stuff (you know I like to make you read). To celebrate Five Star Tack's third anniversary and to make way for new stock we will be having a special sale Saturday and Sunday!
This sale is limited to in-stock items only. No back ordering out of stock bridles and the sale does not apply to the new bridles coming in. Bridles sold as "exclusive to tack stores" are not included either. Items that have been updated will be priced at 25% off and current stock (not being updated) will be priced at 15% off. Discount will be shown in the price when you go on PLUS if you are a Facebook fan or "like" our page send me an email at for a coupon for an extra $10 off of your order so tell your friends to like our Facebook page!