Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Calling all models!

In my opinion, Five Star Tack has some of the most handsome models gracing the pages of Five Star Tack's website. The gorgeous Cavaldi has drawn more ooh's and aah's than I can count. His glistening coat, braided mane and of course his Five Star bridle have made him very popular apart from his status as a top eventing horse.

But, beyond the bright lights and fame of being a super model, there are many lesser known but equally as beautiful horses that wear Five Star bridles. Five Star Tack is looking for some of these "undiscovered" horses to grace the pages of! Some of our facebook fans have posted photos onto Five Star Tack's fan page but there are many more out there. 

If you would like your horse to be featured on Five Star's website I ask for the following:

  • A high-res photo of your horse in his/her Five Star bridle and/or breastplate. For obvious reasons I am not posting pictures of horses in bridles other than Five Star nor can I loan out bridles for photo shoots. In other words, your horse is currently using one of our bridles and/or breastplates. 
  • Close ups are better. You must have the rights to use the photo as we don't want to break any copyright laws. The photo can either be a head shot, one of your horse jumping, doing dressage, trail riding, whatever. 
  • Since your picture will be viewed by thousands of people, a shiny horse and clean tack is a must. I don't think this will be an issue since I'm sure our customers take excellent care of their horses and tack! Note: your horse does not have to be braided. I'm just fortunate to have someone to do it for me. 
  • You have the option of providing your full name, an abbreviation or not listing your name but please provide the name of your horse along with what his "specialty" is i.e. Jumper, novice level eventer, OTTB warhorse, upper level dressage horse, best trail horse ever, family member, etc. The choice is yours and you can be creative with your description. 
  • Lastly, why your horse is a "Five Star horse" which is basically a way of saying why you like Five Star Tack. 
Depending on the quality of photo and whether it's of a bridle that is in our current product line, your photo will either be placed on one of the product pages or on a Gallery page that will be added onto the website. Don't worry if your horse has a bridle from a past collection. It makes them no less important!

To submit your photo please email it to . If you are a facebook fan please post your photo there as well. If you have any questions feel free to send an email or post on facebook

While this is not a contest, it is running until the end of this month. You will be notified where your model will be featured. Product photos will be placed on the website in December with the Gallery page debuting in January. 

I look forward to adding many beautiful horses to the Five Star Tack stable of models!